You are welcome to enjoy a good workout!

We wish you all welcome. You can always visit whenever the reception is open.

Our atmosphere is more relax and we offer excellent training framework of high-quality fitness facilities, a 900 square meter premises. The gym is designed for both beginners and experienced people of all different age and group.

The gym is open between 5-23, seven days a week. This means you have a key to enter anytime time you want between these hours.

Price list

  • Month 49€
  • 3 months 140€
  • 6 months 229€
  • 12 months 390 or 35€/month


  • Month 45€
  • 3 months 125€
  • 6 months 185€
  • 12 months 350 € or 30€/month

Prices include all fees!

We accept employee sport vouchers and promote employee's wellness, fitness and mental stimulation. The gym can also be used for a single fee of 8 euros. You are oblige to choose any membership you want.

The reception is open every weekdays, from Monday to Thursday at 15-20 and Friday at 16-19.

The gym is open every day between 05-23. Each customer gets his own gym key identifier and can choose to train in the gym anytime between these hours.

In front of the gym, there is a big free parking spaces.